Face2Face has been established with a focus of promoting skin care services and treatments like no other! There are so many skin care lines, cosmetics, and treatments that make false claims with a high $ amount attached that do not deliver results. There are also many marketed products that contain irritating ingredients such as fragrance, dyes, and alcohols that can actually harm and age the skin.  At Face2Face only products with effective ingredients are used - 100% guaranteed!!!

We live in a society where we don't think twice about going to the dentist or caring for our hair with maintenance cuts and/or color treatments, but the one thing that people around us see first. . . . . our skin, is also the first to be neglected. With the skin being our largest organ it is necessary to take preventative measures to maintain healthy skin cells and to prevent damage and aging. For a FREE skin care analysis, or to schedule your skin care spa experience please call      
920-213-9961 or via email at jkface2face@yahoo.com.

Face2Face is conveniently located on Northland Avenue/OO on the North side of Appleton, WI.  For specific directions click on the link here - www.mapquest.com.  

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Skin Care Treatments
Call 920-213-9961 by appointment only
CERTIFIED in sunless spray tanning 
(using South Seas as used on
 Dancing With The Stars!)